Practice Valuations

Need a formal valuation of your practice, or are you just curious?

ABA Advisors, LLC can facilitate a formal business valuation, or simply provide you with an informal opinion as to the value of your practice.

Formal Valuations

A formal valuation of your business may become necessary in the event of divorce, partner dissolution, at the request of a bank, or another legal matter. ABA can arrange the completion of an evaluation that would satisfy the requirements in these situations.

“Back of the envelope” appraisal

At your request, ABA Advisors LLC can provide you with an informal valuation of your practice that is more of an opinion to current value, based on current market conditions, past historical financial information and recent trends of your business. Whether you are just curious, or thinking about selling in the future and trying to plan, these opinions will point you in the right direction, but they will not satisfy the same requirements of when a formal valuation is needed.

Looking to find out the value of your business?
ABA Advisors, LLC can help you out!